Our services

We offer fleet consultancy, product pricing services and management training and coaching, around the world.

Leasing consultancy

We do a lot of work for asset finance and leasing companies, and the companies that own (or wish to own) them.

Our work includes: advice on business development, due diligence support, helping to launch new leasing businesses, strategic planning, improving internal processes, market research and price optimisation.

Fleet Consultancy

It isn’t easy to run a fleet of cars or vans. On top of the day-to-day activities you constantly have to be on the lookout for new ideas, tax changes and better ways to run your fleet. You will be bombarded by suppliers who want to sell you their wares, but where do you go to get totally independent help and advice on best practice?

That’s where we come in. We can help you select the optimum way to manage your fleet and also help you go out to tender to find the suppliers who will best meet your needs.

We have carried out scores of fleet-related projects.

Pricing Services

The science of pricing has moved on leaps and bounds in the past decade, but most organisations haven’t kept pace with developments. Nearly all businesses can tell you how much their products cost them but far fewer can work out the optimum price to quote to a particular customer – the price that maximises the probability of winning the sale at the highest possible price.

We have developed tools, techniques and software to help you calculate the optimum sales price to set, whether your product range is only a handful of products or many thousands.

Management Training Coaching

Most people aren’t born managers, they have to be trained. We deliver management development training and coaching to top 100 companies and government departments.