Professor Tourick launches new fleet book

Article from Business Car magazine

16 April, 2009

Fleet consultant professor Colin Tourick has published a new book to help fleet managers do their job.

The book called Managing Your Company Cars: Expert Opinion sees Tourick compile a series of interviews he carried out with a host of fleet experts. The interviews ask the type of questions a fleet manager would ask and provide the experts’ answers and opinions on these matters. More.

A week in the life

Published in Fleet News, December 2008


Met a new client. They need to reduce their fleet costs – fast. Long, detailed conversation about every aspect of their fleet. There are plenty of cost-saving opportunities. The trick, as always, is to get the right balance so the Finance, Operations and HR directors all end up happy.


Strategic planning session with the MD of a contract hire company. He knows times are hard but is committed to emerging from the recession amongst the winners. They have some choices to make; products, routes to market, how to use their resources, IT systems and pricing. Pricing is one of my pet subjects; endlessly fascinating.

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