A week in the life

Published in Fleet News, December 2008


Met a new client. They need to reduce their fleet costs – fast. Long, detailed conversation about every aspect of their fleet. There are plenty of cost-saving opportunities. The trick, as always, is to get the right balance so the Finance, Operations and HR directors all end up happy.


Strategic planning session with the MD of a contract hire company. He knows times are hard but is committed to emerging from the recession amongst the winners. They have some choices to make; products, routes to market, how to use their resources, IT systems and pricing. Pricing is one of my pet subjects; endlessly fascinating.


Working with Professor Peter Cooke at the Centre for Automotive Management – Buckingham University – where I’m a Visiting Professor. We’re developing a series of award-bearing programmes for fleet managers and the automotive industry. Then checked over a tender response a contract hire company is about to send out to a potential new client: It’s a regular service we provide for them.


A whole day at my desk, working on a new book. I’d like to write a new book for fleet managers every year but just don’t have time right now, so have asked some experts in specialist areas of fleet management to write chapters about current best practice in their areas. People have been amazingly helpful and enthusiastic about the project. The book goes to the printer next week.


Met colleagues to discuss the benchmarking work we carry out for contract hire companies. Then spent the afternoon analysing data for a fleet manager and their contract hire company. We have a tripartite agreement in which I, as an independent party, check how the leasing company calculates its rentals, and certify this is being done in accordance with their agreement.

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